Minor in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies

What is LAHS?

The minor in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies offers students the opportunity to explore connections through the Western Hemisphere from array of perspectives across multiple academic fields. The minor is sponsored by the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas (HIA), an interdisciplinary unit that focuses on regional societies and transnational processes in the Americas. HIA strives to redefine the study of Latin America from a broadly hemispheric viewpoint, while retaining an understanding of Latin America as an autonomous region with its own internal diversities.

LAHS Minor

In addition to completing six courses, students are strongly encouraged to develop a proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese, through course work (completion of Spanish 24 or 33), or through travel and life experience. We highly recommend that students take advantage of the many study abroad programs offered at UC Davis through the Education Abroad Center. Courses taken abroad may also count towards minor

LAHS Minor requirements


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