Basic Courses

History 007A - Latin America to 1700 CRN: 36356-36361 - A. Resendez

Introduction to the history of Spanish and Portuguese America from the late pre-Columbian period through the initial phase and consolidation of a colonial regime (circa 1700). Topics include conquest, colonialism, racial mixture, gender, and labor systems.

Core Courses

Spanish 150N - Latin American Literature to 1900 CRN: 52997 - L. Bernucci 

Latin American literature from preconquest texts and the chronicles of the Conquest to romanticism and modernism. Reading selections include fiction, poetry, drama and essays.

Spanish 151 -  Latin American Literature 1900 to Present CRN: 52998 - M. Lazzara 

 Latin American literature from 1900 to the present. Reading selections include fiction, poetry, drama, essays, testimonio, etc.

Spanish 170 - Introduction to Latin American Culture CRN: 50711 - H. Garcia Manriquez 

Introduction to history, geography and culture of Latin America. Multiple genres of cultural production and representation, with a focus on cultural diversity and regional difference. Introduction to critical reading and textual analysis.

Elective Courses

African American Studies 107A - Africans in Latin America CRN: 20018 - B. Ng'weno 

Origin and development of African descent communities and cultures in the Caribbean, and Latin America. Similarities and differences among African descent communities and cultures in terms of religious practices, music, and national identity.

Anthropology 176 - California Prehistory CRN: 53385 - B. Hull

Description and analysis of the prehistoric peoples of California and the Great Basin from earliest times to European contact.

Chicano Studies 112 - Transnational Migration CRN: 26381 - L. Brazil-Cruz

Chicana/o and Latina/o migration experiences within a global context. Topics include national and/or transnational migration in Mexico, Central America, and the United States.

History 158 - Topics in Latin America CRN: 36661 - G. Alcala Dyer 

Topics in the history of Latin America. Topics may be framed geographically (e.g., Central America), chronologically (e.g., The Cold War) or thematically (e.g., environmental history).

History 167 - Latin American Culture and History CRN: 53238 - G. Alcala Dyer 

Introduce to the cultural and intellectual history of modern Latin America including architecture, cinema, painting, music and literature.

Music 153 - Capoeira Ensemble CRN: 41903 - J.D. Díaz

Capoeira is a Brazilian art combining instrumental music, song, dance, martial arts, ritual, theatre, and more. This ensemble focuses on Capoeira Angola, a traditional style of Brazilian Northeast associated with Brazil's African heritage. In this ensemble, students will learn how yo play the instruments of the capoeira ensemble, sing capoeira songs in Portuguese, basic techniques of the physical game, and the fundamentals of the performance. 

Native American Studies 107 - Learning Native American Languages CRN: 42096 - J. Spence 

Self-directed study of a Native American language using revitalization strategies. Origins of language endangerment and the importance of language for cultural reclamation.

Portuguese 100 - Luso-Brazilian Literature & Criticism CRN: 48981 - R. Newcomb 

Principles of literary criticism applied to the study of fiction, poetry, and essays of major literary writers of the Luso-Brazilian world.

Sociology 104 - International Migration CRN: 50453 - D. Kyle 

Analysis of worldwide migration patterns, and social scientific theories of international and transnational migration. Focus in economical, political, and social impact of immigration and potential for international and regional cooperation.

Spanish 117 - Spanish for Bilinguals CRN: 52990 - C. Colombi 

Designed for students interested in teaching Spanish to native speakers. Focus on cultural diversity of the Spanish speaking population in the United States; applied language teaching methodologies in the context of teaching Spanish to native speakers at different levels.

Spanish 153 - Latin American Short Story CRN: 53006 - A. Peluffo 

Evolution of the Latin American short story from the 19th century to the present. Emphasis on the contemporary period.

Spanish 174 - Chicano Culture CRN: 50713 - 50716 - R. Irwin 

Interdisciplinary survey of Chicano culture. Topics include literature, art, folklore, oral tradition, music, politics, as well as everyday cultural manifestations. Conducted in Spanish. (Former SPA 124.)