Advising Center

Advising Center Team

Staff advisors are available to assist you with various student services related to the major, including academic planning, petition review, course selection, career pathway development, and special study progress. You may email the HIA staff advisors or call them at (530) 752-9241 for questions or concerns.

Please note: our advisors are only available to answer emails during our open business hours.

Anya Gibson

Undergraduate Programs Supervisor & Advisor
Phone: 530-752-0742
Location: 2216 SSH

Brandy Fleming

Lead Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: 530-752-0741
Location: 2216 SSH

Chris Doseck

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: 530-752-9142
Location: 2208 SSH

Saranjit Uppal

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: 530-752-0777
Location: 2211 SS&H

Donna Jo Esquivel

Advising and Program Assistant
Phone: 530-752-9241
Location: 2216 SS&H


Peer Advising

Peer advisors also are available to assist you with general course planning and questions about the major. 

Here at the History, Economics, and East Asian Advising Center; we have several wonderful and talented peer advisors that can share first hand experiences as a UC Davis student. Explore why they chose their majors, ask about their professional goals, and much more!


Allison Hodge

Peer Advisor
Majors: History & Political Science

Amy Nguyen

Peer Advisor
Majors: East Asian Studies & International Studies

Dhanya Indraganti

Peer Advisor
Majors: History & Anthropology

Sanjay Srinivasan

Peer Advisor
Majors: Economics & Political Science

Viviana Gonzalez

Peer Advisor
Majors: History & Communications




Faculty Advisors assist students in selecting specializations and have full authority regarding courses taken to fulfill the student's specialization. Faculty Advisors handle their own scheduling; you must contact him/her directly to make an appointment.

HIA Faculty Advisor, Professor Charles Walker, is available to assist you with questions regarding research opportunities, graduate programs, and insight to course planning.