More Student Opportunities

BLUM CENTER for Developing Economies

Integrating education and experience, the Blum Center for Developing Economies prepares and sponsors UC Davis students to thrive in tackling projects—ones that partner students with communities for mutually-beneficial collaborations—in more than 50 countries around the world.

As a part of Global Affairs at UC Davis, the Blum Center aims to inspire global curiosity, understanding, and engagement.

CHICANA & CHICANO STUDIES Student Organizations

The mission of the Chicana/o Studies Department is to strengthen the next generation by building knowledge about local and global Chicana/o communities and by disseminating that information across social, intellectual, and geographic boundaries.

We achieve our mission by employing curriculum and conducting research in interdisciplinary fields of Social Policy (History, Health, Education, and Law), Cultural Studies (Language, Media, and Literature), and Fine Arts (Studio Arts and Chicana/o Art History).



For questions, please contact:
Charles Walker, Professor & Director:, 1279 Social Science & Humanities Building