HMR 140B: The Art & Politics of Memory in Latin America: Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation


Renzo Aroni





Summer Session II


In the aftermath of atrocious human rights violations by both state and non-state actors in Latin America since the mid-20th century, the memory of this long-term violence still resonates powerfully its countries today. How do they rebuild democracy, construct truth, advocate for memory, and seek justice and reconciliation? And what does memory have to do with human rights violations?

The course will focus on the politics of "memory struggles," In which diverse actors compete to establish their version of the past events to structure the present. These battles for memory have been represented in a wide range of cultural productions, memory museums, memorials, performances, and visual arts. The regional focus will be on Chile, Argentina, and Peru. we will approach these cases using diverse source materials - academic reflections, memoirs, films, and even music and fiction -  to examine how decades of dictatorships, civil wars and political violence are being remembered and dealt with since the return to democracy. The course will have a broad interest for students of human rights, history, politics, literature, and creative writing because of its interdisciplinary approach. No prior knowledge is necessary. The course is also pre-approved to fulfill one of the Human Rights Minor Core Requirements as well as the Latin American-Hemispheric Minor.

GE credit: AH, SS, WC, WE. Effective: 2019 Summer Session 2.