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Spring 2011

Spring Quarter 2011 Event Archive


June 6, 7 and 8


SSH 1271 (HIA Conference Room)

9 TO 4 PM

Study for your finals... and relax with brain power snacks in the HIA conference room.
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study hall spring quarter


June 20-24
Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health
Berkeley and Oakland

6th summer institute

This is outstanding one week intensive program on many aspects pertaining to understanding and

 improving health among migrant populations. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet and network

 with other students and with experts from academia, government and private organizations working in this area.

  Click on flyer and agenda for more details.

Questions should be directed to  Liliana Osorio, <>.


Friday, May 27

10 am -1 pm
Social Science and Humanities Bldg, 1271

Graduate students in History, Spanish, Native American Studies and Comparative Literature

present their research. Opening remarks by Prof. Charles Walker and closing commentary by

Prof. Andres Resendez.  See here for flyer.

colonial workshop

Tuesday, May 31


1271 SSH


Join us in welcoming visiting Chilean scholars

Tueday, May 31
1271 SSH


Macarena Ponce de León (profesora Instituto de Historia Universidad Católica de Chile):
"Gobernar la pobreza: Prácticas de beneficencia y caridad. Santiago de Chile, siglo XIX"

Francisca Rengifo (profesor Instituto de Historia Universidad Católica de Chile):
"Divorcio en Chile. Matrimonio, adulterio y malos tratos en la sociedad chilena, siglo XIX"
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Wednesday, May 25th  

How to Start your own Non-Profit

Guest Speaker: Alejandra Ojeda (MUHUY)

Wednesday May 25th, 12pm

Olson 205


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Monday, May 23
12 - 2, Andrews Room,

SSH 2203 (History Dept.)

andean cocaine, pic and flyer
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Monday, May 23 

Noon - 1:30 pm

IGA Reading Room, 360 Shields Library

(President of CAPES -Brazil, Ministry of Education)
  capes and higher ed in brazil


RSVP by May  19,  2011 


Wednesday, May 18


12:10 - 2 pm, Wellman 25



"To Get What is Under His Feet": Inuvialuit Prison Writing and Environmental Kinship

Dr. McKegney will address the ethical complexities of working as a settler scholar on the collaborative editing of prison writings by a deceased Inuvialuit author, while considering the environmental imperatives embedded in his critical autobiography.  McKegney is a professor at Queen's University in Canada.  His research interests include: Indigenous literature's, Canadian literature, masculinity theory, and literary activism. McKegney's Magic Weapons: Aboriginal Writers Remaking Community after Residential School

[2007] analyzes the Indigenous survivor narratives of Canada Residential School System. 

 This presentation for NAS: Introduction to Native American Literatures is also open to the public. This guest lecture is co-hosted by the Department of Native American Studies, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and the Davis Humanities Institute.

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Tuesday, May 17
Andrews Conference Room, SSH 2203 (History Dept.)


Lost Children: The Transfer, Kidnapping, and Trafficking of Children during, War,

Colonialism, Genocide and Civil Conflict The symposium is part of the larger effort

 to introduce the interdisciplinary study of Human Rights to our campus. It will bring

 together a very interesting group of scholars working on the Holocaust, the Armenian

 Genocide, the Dirty Wars in Latin America and colonialism, to examine a particularly

 vexing and all to common set of problems.


Session One (3:15 - 4:30pm)

Diane Wolf, UC Davis
"'My War Began After the War:' Hidden Jewish Children and Family Reunification in the Netherlands"

Melanie Tanielian, UC Berkeley
"'Protecting the Innocent:' Humanitarian Child Transfer after the Adana Massacre, 1909"

Discussant: Andrea Dooley, UC Davis

Session Two (4:45 - 6:00pm)

Keith David Watenpaugh, UC Davis
"The Social Death of Children in the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1922"

Tara Zahra, University of Chicago
"Saving the Children? Ehtnic Cleansing, Children, and Humanitarianism in Twentieth Century Europe"

Discussant: Michael Lazzara, UC Davis

Co-Sponsors: Religious Studies, History, Jewish Studies, Davis Humanities Institute, Consortium for Women in Research, Cultural Studies, 
Hemispheric Institute of the Americas, and Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas

For questions: Contact Prof. Keith Watenpaugh at, or the Religious Studies Main Office at (530)





Noon, Institute of Governmental Affairs, Shields Library

JOSE ANTONIO CHEIBUB (Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

"Latin American Presidentialism in Comparative and Historical Perspective"

cheibub 2

Prof. Cheibub is the author of Democracy and Development: Political Institutions and Material Well-Being in the World, 1950-1990. Cambridge University Press, 2000. With Adam Przeworski, Fernando Limongi, and Michael Alvarez. Winner of the 2001 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award given by the American Political Science Association for the best book published in the United Stated on government, politics or international affairs.   In 2007 he published Presidentialism, Parliamentarism and Democracy. Cambridge University Press.


See flyer here.



Tuesday, May 10
1-3 pm
Memorial Union - King Lounge (2nd floor/segundo piso)


mexican citizen voting in the usa (may 12th)

Click here for invitation.

For the second time in history, Mexican residents around the world will be able to vote for the next Presi-dent of Mexico. Who can vote? All Mexican citizens 18 and older who reside abroad and have a voting credential, and whose voter application from abroad has been sent and accepted before January 15, 2012. For more information on the voting process, please visit the internet portal:


- Marco Antonio Baños Martínez, Electoral Counsel of the Federal Electoral Institute

- Dalia Moreno, Coordinator of the Electoral Outreach Office for Mexicans Abroad

- Angel Díaz, Electoral Counsel of the Electoral Institute of the Federal District (IEDF)

- Guadalupe López de Llergo, Director of External Outreach of the COVE

Co-sponsored by the Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento and the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas. For more information contact Alejandro Celorio,


Monday, May 9th 
3:30pm to 5:00pm, Olson 53A

Mario argueta (may 9th 2011)


MANLIO ARGUETA, escritor comprometido

Manlio Argueta is a Salvadoran writer, critic, and novelist. He is best known for his novel Un día en la vida (One Day of Life), which has been translated into over a dozen languages.  Argueta’s talk will focus on Un día en la vida, as well as his most recent novel, Siglo del o(g)ro, in relation to his development as a politically conscious writer and critic.

Manlio Argueta was born in San Miguel, El Salvador in 1935. Though he began writing poetry at the age of 13, he is best known as a writer of prose fiction, in particular for novels such as Un día en la vida (One Day of Life), Caperucita en la zona roja (Little Red Riding Hood in the Red Light District) and Cuzcatlán, donde bate la mar del sur (Cuzcatlán, Where the Southern Sea Beats). In the 1950s, Argueta became associated with the "Committed Generation" (la generación comprometida). Due to his critical stance toward the Salvadoran government, he was exiled to Costa Rica in 1972 and was unable to return to El Salvador until the 1990s.  Today he is the director of the National Library in San Salvador, and continues to publish works of fiction.

This event is hosted by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and co-sponsored by the Estudios Culturales en las Américas Research Super Cluster, the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas, the Department of Comparative Literature, and U.S.E.U.


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Friday, May 6th
3pm-4:30pm, 53A Olson Hall
Natalia Ignatieva (Applied Linguistics, UNAM) "Escritura académica estudiantil en términos de éxitos y fracasos desde la perspectiva sistémico funcional"

Sponsored by the Spanish Department.

Friday, May 6th


9am-5:30pm The Odd Fellows Hall (415 2nd Street, Davis)


consortium of woman (may 6th)

"2011 Gender Matters Symposium"

The 2011 Gender Matters Symposium speaks to the urgency of increasing the representation of Latin@s – especially Chicanas/Latinas -- in higher education. It explores longstanding problems of exclusion and ways of making the university more responsive to, and reflective of, the communities it serves. Given the current economic crisis, general disinvestment in public higher education, and renewed anti-immigration sentiment, it is exactly the right time to keep such matters at the front and center of debate.


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Friday, April 22
International House, 7 pm
10 College Park

Gerardo Torres is on a two week speaking tour of the US informing people about the current situation in Honduras and the effort of the non-violent popular resistance to "refound" the State following the June 28, 2010 military coup.

Sponsored by: Latin America Solidarity Coalition, Honduras Solidarity Network and the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas

Thursday, April 21
Noon, 912 Sproul


Como ganar enemigos haciendo una revista? El caso de Etiqueta Negra y sus cómplices/ How to gain enemies publishing a magazine: The case of Etiqueta Negra and its Accomplices

Villanueva Chang is the founding editor of Etiqueta Negra and winner of the Interamerican Press Association Award in feature writing.

Click here for poster.


Spring Quarter 2011 Film Archive

May 27

El traspatio/ Backyard

traspatio 1(Mexico 2009)

The film's narrative is based on actual events that took place in 1996 in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, where since the mid-90's thousands of women have gone missing or turned up as sun-burnt corpses in the desert.   Can new police captain Blanca Bravo stop the savagery?

To view the trailer click here.

May 20 

Cronica de una fuga /Chronicle of an Escape 

cronica de una fuga(Argentina 2006) 

In 1977, Claudio Tamburrini a goalkeeper for a minor league soccer team is kidnapped by the Argentinean secret military police during the Dirty War. Falsely accused of being an anti-government terrorist, he is brutally tortured at a clandestine detention center known as Sere Mansion. As Tamburrini and his fellow inmates plot their escape, we are witness to their powerful struggle for survival.

To view the film poster click here.

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May 13

The Feast of the Goat

feast of goat (Spain 2005)

Set in the Dominican Republican in the final days of Rafael Trujillo's dictatorship, the film provides a stirring narrative during this tumultuous time through three distinctive points of view.

Based Mario Vargas Llosa's best-selling novel  "La Fiesta del Chivo."

To view film poster click here.

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April 15 

Madame Satã

madamesata(Brazil 2002)

Madame Satã  illustrates the life of one of the most infamous figures in Brazilian popular culture João Francisco dos Santos (1900-1976). Titled after Santos' legendary stage name "Madame Satã" (Madam Satan), the film  is inspired by the  life of a man who pushed social boundaries amidst a post abolitionist era Brazil as a drag performer, convict, father, and brothel cook.

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