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Fall 2009 Archive

Oct. 2, Noon
5214 SSH (HIA/CHSC Conf. room)
"The Quality of Employment: A Missing Link in Development Strategies?
The example of the Chilean Labour Market"

See poster here.
Link to some related work by Prof. Sehnbruch.

The Hemispheric Institute on the Americas is pleased to announce its first-ever
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Entries due September 25, 2009
Oct. 8, 4-6 p.m.
126 Voorhies
"Trauma as Durational Performance: A Walk Through Villa Grimaldi"

Professor of Performance Studies and Spanish at NYU

Villa Grimaldi was a country estate in suburban Santiago that was turned into
a covert prison and torture center during the Pinochet dictatorship. The property,
mostly leveled, was rescued as something of a museum of memory al fresco in recent years.

Oct. 9, 10 - noon & 1:45 -2:45 p.m. 5214 SSH (HIA/CHSC Conf. room)
HIA Summer Fellows Fieldwork Experiences

This event highlights graduate student summer research in the Americas funded by HIA,
cross disciplines.  Drop in to hear what's going on in research in Latin America! 
Click on the link above to see schedule.

Oct. 12, 4-6 pm
2203 Social Sciences and Humanities

(Andrews Conference Room)
"Environmental Citizenship in Latin America: Climate Change, Intermediate Organizations and Political Subjects"

BEN ORLOVE, Professor, Environmental Science and Policy, UCD

Oct. 14, Noon
5214  SS&H (HIA conf. room)
Visiting Scholar from Catholic University in Chile

"Public space, urban transformation and the capital city:
the Mapocho River in Santiago, Chile (1885-1920)"

Oct. 22, Noon
3201 Hart Hall
Prof. of Maori and Indigenous Studies, Taradale, New Zealand
"The Politics of Indigeneity: A Maori Perspective"

This lecture is part of the 40 year anniversary celebration of Native American Studies
as an academic program, and 10 years as a graduate program.

Oct. 22, 4-6 p.m.
3201 Hart Hall

Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology, UCD
"Taking Indigenous Politics on its Own Terms Requires an Analysis Beyond ‘Politics’"

and Latin@American Cultural Studies Research Cluster

October 24, 2009
4 - 8 p.m.
412 C Street

Third Annual Dinner for the Women's Bank of the

The bank started in 2007 with 35 women and now has 105 women
benefiting from micro-loans and rebuilding their lives.

Oct. 26, 4-6 pm
2203 Social Sciences & Humanities (Andrews Conf. room)

owners of the water

LAURA GRAHAM, University of Iowa
"Collaborative Ethnography and the making of ‘Owners of the Water’:
a film by David Hernández Palmar (Wayuu/Venezuela),
Caimi Waiassé (Xavante/Brazil) and Laura Graham

viewing to be followed by Q and A with Laura Graham

Oct. 26, 27 and 28, 4-7 pm
126 Voorhies
SIMPOSIO - Estudios culturales en las Américas:
compromiso, colaboración, transformación
Open to the general public.  Symposium to be conducted in Spanish.

Nov. 7, 8:45 am
Garrison room, Memorial Union
5th Annual Colloquium on Latin American and Iberian
Languages, Literatures and Culture 

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Schedule and summaries

Nov. 18, Noon
SSH 5214 (HIA/CHSC Conf. room)
"De los Flandes a los Andes: Engraved Sources of Spanish
Colonial Art"

Issuing mostly from Flanders, European engravings traveled throughout the Spanish Empire,
leaving an indelible mark on every work of art they encountered in their path.
The UC Davis Project on the Engraved Sources of Spanish Colonial Art (PESSCA)
is an ongoing online effort to document the effect of European graphic art
on the art produced in the Spanish colonies--the Andes and beyond (see
Drawing from the large PESSCA Archive, this talk will display a number of
important colonial artworks alongside the European engravings that inspired them.

Nov. 20, Noon
SSH 5213 (HIA/CHSC Conf. room)
"What could change look like?  Learning from Bolivia"


HIA Photo Contest Results


1st place........Danny Robles (Cuba) danny robles














2nd place...... Mika Harrington (Peru) mikas













2nd place...... Jen Binger (Peru)jen binger





Congratulations! and thank you to ALL who submitted such fine pictures!



October 9
Cheiro do Ralo (Brazil 2007)


October 16
Estamira (Brazil 2004/ Documentary)


Oct. 23, 6 - 9:45 pm
26 Wellman
New CINEMA IN CHILE with films by Elisa Eliash, Mami te Amo
Sebastian Moreno, La Ciudad de los Fotógrafos

Roundtable discussion with filmmakers and Carlos Flores Delpino, Director of Chile's Film School

Nov. 6, 7 pm
Las mantenidas sin sueños (Argentina 2005)



... “Kept and Dreamless” keeps the banner of Argentine Independent cinema flying high in this tale about
a precocious daughter and her junkie mother caught up in the country’s economic crisis. 
Co-directors Vera Fogwill and Martin Desalvo make a noteworthy feature film, laced with humor and high drama.


Nov. 13
O homem do ano (Brazil 2003)


Maiquel has lost a bet and dyed his hair blond. This little event triggers a head-on collision
with destiny in which Maiquel goes from nobody to hero to outlaw--all in 24 hours.

Nov. 20
American Visa (Bolivia 2005)

american visa4
Mario wants to emigrate to the United States and begin a new life with his son in Miami.
When his visa application is turned down, he plans a robbery to pay for a visa in the black market.
Fate has an unexpected turn for Mario when he meets Blanca, a nightclub dancer looking for a different kind of dream.






in the C.N. Gorman Museum Collections

featuring Salvador Dalí & Florentino Laime Mantilla
October 2 - December 6
Opening Reception on California Arts Day


Friday, October 2 from 4-6pm
Florentino Laime Mantilla
Yawarchanakuson/Ensangrentémonos, 1998




Prof. Stefano Varese gave a series of lectures this Fall in Peru as part of the HIA-Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú
short-term faculty exchange program.
See announcement.




Opportunity for Spanish Teaching Credential at UC Davis





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