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John Gibler

John Gibler, journalist, activist, and author of the recently published Mexico Unconquered: Chronicles of Power & Revolt (City Lights, 2009) will join us for a discussion of the process of researching, writing, and publishing his book, considering issues of positionality and political engagement.

Gibler's book is the product of several years of on-the-ground reporting from Mexico, where he witnessed the period of political upheaval surrounding the 2006 elections, the Zapatista's Other Campaign, and the rise of narco-related violence throughout the country.  A Global Exchange Fellow from 2006-2008, Gibler has published extensively in many publications, including Z Magazine, In These Times, Left Turn, New Politics, and Colorlines, and has beejohngn featured several times on Democracy Now!.

A second event with Gibler will be held the same day at .  This event will feature a presentation by the author of photos and video clips related to the book.

For more info, contact Magalí Rabasa:

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